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Arnolfini - est 1961

Makers in Residence, Let’s Make Art explore the Arnolfini Art Education Archives, celebrating the work through the themes of Joy, Collaboration and Making Meaning. Expect to smile a lot. 

More details to follow.

Image credits: Frances Tolson.

‘If you ask, ‘What do people want?’ the answer, as we would all say if we’re honest with ourselves, is that we want the familiar; something that doesn’t challenge our perceptions. ‘Arnolfini is about challenging perceptions’. Thus wrote Jeremy Rees, Arnolfini’s founding Director. This challenge was never regarded as a dry endeavour for a select few – rather, it was something to enliven, to relish, an exciting and potentially life-changing offer for the broadest of possible audiences. Rees said he had wanted to put an inscription above the door; ‘Enjoy yourself!’’