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Arnolfini - est 1961

Pick up a copy of the Gallery Guide, co-created with our friends at AIM; Art In Motion, to help you explore Adébayo Bolaji : In Praise of Beauty when you visit or download a copy here.

the first page of the gallery guide for In Praise of Beauty

About the Artist

A colour photograph of artist Adébayo Bolaji stood in between his artworks No Beauty Without Struggle and The Vessel, both of which are 400cm in height. Adébayo Bolaji is dressed in a long, black coat over a peach coloured shirt and pale green trousers. He wears brown shoes and a dark blue, woolen hat with the word Celine stitched in white. He has just above shoulder length black hair and a beard and looks directly at the camera.

Adébayo Bolaji

Adébayo Bolaji, is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, England. At the centre of his practice is the dialogue of change and the focus of the individual within a connecting society.

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