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Arnolfini - est 1961

IBT and Arnolfini are pleased to announce the recipient of our IBT15 Wild Card commission: Peter McMaster.

About the Artist

Peter McMaster is a socially-engaged performer who lives and makes work in Glasgow.

His recent work includes a celebrated all-male adaptation of Wuthering Heights, and an intimate one-on-one performance called Gold Piece.

Al Cameron, Associate Producer of Performance at Arnolfini, said:

“Peter McMaster has produced innovative and often autobiographically-situated work across diverse forms of performance, consistently producing unique encounters for audiences through a process-driven practice. We are excited to work with him on this new performance for IBT15 which will reflect on personal and cultural conditions of excess and ecstasy.”

Read IBT’s interview with Peter McMaster, where we find out what drives him to make performance and reveal a sneak preview of his new work for IBT15. 

About Wild Card

Wild Card is a new commission awarded by In Between Time and Arnolfini, to an artist or group to produce a new live work for IBT15.

During April, IBT held an open call to find an artist who challenges the boundaries of contemporary performance and questions their relationship to audience, time and place.

The open call received over 250 applications from local, national and international artists.