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Arnolfini - est 1961

In spring 2014, Arnolfini’s gallery spaces will be occupied by a series of Bristol-affiliated artists, musicians and collectives working with forms of performance across dance, music, live art and installation.

The artists have been invited to use Arnolfini’s space to develop specific and open-ended projects, to show works in progress, and to exist in productive dialogue with each other.

The residencies are closed but the work in progress events are open to visitors. Please contact Arnolfini box office in advance on 0117 917 2300 /  to book a place on all events, excluding Helen Cole and Yvonne Franquinet. For this event, please email to register your interest. Places for all events are limited and booking is essential.

Helen Cole and Yvonne Franquinet

In residence: 7 – 29 April / Work in progress: 28 April, 3.30 – 8.30pm

A new project by Helen Cole and dutch architect/producer Yvonne Franquinet, Room comprises 9 ‘rooms’. Each room explores a fundamental experience of loss and suggests the potential of richness once grief has passed. Resonating with urgency, vitality, presence, physicality, Room asks whether life is in fact the final gift bestowed by those who have gone before.

An immersive room, gallery, performance, and curved whispering wall, Room gently brings the audience to contemplate their own experience. In the last room the audience will be invited to leave their own story if they choose. These contributions, cared for and gathered over time, effect change in the larger installation. In an unusual producing model, as the collection grows so the installation evolves to tell new stories. In this way Room builds on the network of core co-producer partnerships and the evolving, generative audience-centred approach of Cole’s We See Fireworks to create a work of epic intimacy based on the unique experiences of the public.

Working with sound, architecture, text, images, objects, light and performance, this initial research will establish the artistic team and develop early content for 5 rooms. A work-in-progress will be shown to an invited audience in Bristol to test the work and build the touring potential and commissioning base of the project. Following a period of evaluation Room will develop to its full scale during 2015-16.  

Kathy Hinde 

In residence: 7 – 20 April / Work in progress: 17 April 2 – 6pm (drop in), 7.30pm (performance)

Kathy Hinde’s audio visual installation and performance Tipping Point will explore the sonic complexities and possibilities of combining water with glass vessels and investigate the resulting frequencies and feedback tones that are created through the changing depths and movement of water. Kathy is collaborating with John Rowden at Bristol University’s Scientific Glass Workshop and Matthew Olden on customised control software.

A Cryptic commission for Sonica, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation Britten-Pears Foundation and The Hinrichsen Foundation. 

Andy Field & Dan Canham

You and Me And All of This: A Sharing of New Ideas

In residence: 7 – 18 April / Work in progress: 18 April, please contact Box Office to register your interest

In April Andy Field & Dan Canham will be beginning a new research project experimenting with the role of choreography in interactive, headphone-based performance. They are interested in questions of intimacy and how performance can be a space to think about our body and its relationship to other bodies – in particular exploring the choreography of our intimate interactions with other people, be they lovers, friends or strangers.

This project is a chance for us to work together to explore some things we’re both interested in. We’ve been thinking about the way people move around and through the city. We’re interested in public intimacy and the relationship between the everyday and the ecstatic.  In particular we want to explore the choreography of our public interactions with other people, be they lovers, friends or strangers.

We want to share with you some of the things we’ve been thinking about and hopefully give you the chance to look at Bristol in a slightly different way. You’ll get the chance to experience some of the early experiments we’ve been working on in our two week residency at Arnolfini.(AF & DC)

This project is being supported by the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, as part of ‘Choreographing the Audience’ a three-part exploration of choreography in instruction-based performance.


In residence: 1 – 25 May

Kathleen Downie will be working on her dance performance ‘nap glasses’.

Alice Tatton Brown will be exploring COLOUR. There will be soil, there will be neon, there will be darkness.

Jo Hellier will be working on new project’s surrounding ecology, soil and landscape.

Hannah Sullivan will be working on her new solo piece investigating humans as violent creatures.

Massive Owl will be playing with the idea of a new show inspired by a preconceived story, either from a book or a film.

Lina B. Frank will be working on The Infinite Choir – a project which creates sound-portraits of geographical or anthropological areas.

Adrian Spring will be preparing for a performance date of an old solo project about some of his hairs.

Tom Bailey will be working on the piece is under a working title ‘speech / oblivion’. It’s an exploration of war speeches. 

Action Hero

In residence: 8 – 23 May

Action Hero is a collaboration between Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse. They make performance and live art that is interested in pop cultural mythologies and the creation of temporary communities centred around the live event. Being developed for IBT 15, Extraordinary Rendition is inspired by the concept of the ‘Military Entertainment Complex’.  

Paul Jebanasam

In residence: 26 – 30 May / Work in progress: 30 May, 7.30pm

Stria Variations explores the acoustic phenomena of spatial apparitions through the form of a multi speaker sound installation. Using the recordings and source code of John Chowning’s 1977 piece Stria as a starting point to generate dense micropolyphonic masses of sound, this installation investigates the perceptual possibilities of the speaker array as an instrument. It will result in a vinyl and digital release on Subtext Recordings.