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Arnolfini - est 1961

An exhibition of original, ten-by-eight inch Polaroids by photographer Manuel Vason.

With: Manuel Vason

The photographs in the exhibition are taken from a larger series that was collected in Vason’s acclaimed book Encounters.

The selection of photographs included in this exhibition have been curated by Emma Møller in response to IBT15 festival’s theme The Storm and the concept of art as a powerful force. In Vason’s work, art has the power to bring about change, champion difference and disrupt the norm.

Encounters was Manuel Vason’s first collection of collaborative photographs with nineteen of the most acclaimed and controversial practitioners in Britain during the early 2000s. These were artists who were breaking the rules and provoking debate by exposing the body in all its diversities, difficulties and desires.

“The images in Exposures are intended to be neither performance documentation nor straightforward portraiture but something else altogether: something arguably more attesting and arresting”

– Lois Keidan (Live Art Development Agency)


Each collaboration in Encounters was photographed using a maximum of ten sheets of film, during one day of shooting. The use of Polaroid film enabled a transparent approach, an immediate dialogue and a series of discussions. The instant results allowed a practical framework to emerge that has since developed into the more extensively dialogue-based modes of collaboration practices.


Manuel Vason will be signing copies of his new publication Double Exposures at Arnolfini at the IBT15 festival launch event on Thursday 12 February from 6pm.

Join us on Saturday 14 February for an informal discussion with Double Exposures essayists Lois Keidan and Alice Maude-Roxby plus screenings of short film interviews with many of the books’ contributing artists. Free, starts 6pm.

Copies of Double Exposure are available to by at Arnolfini Shop.

Developed in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency and assisted by the Arts Council of England.