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Arnolfini - est 1961

Explore the 5Hz project with activities, performances, workshops and discussions that investigate the power of language in human relationships.

Artist Emma Smith presents 5Hz – an interactive exhibition that invites audiences to experience a new human language, designed to bring us closer together.

11.30am – 12.30pm  In conversation with artist Emma Smith and psychologist Laurence White

Lead by Phil Owen (Tertulia) and exploring themes of language and voice.

2pm Live choral performance by Bristol Sacred Harp

2.30pm  – 3.30pm Special Guest Kate Molloy

Kate Molloy, a cognitive neuroscientist from UCL, will discuss the role of attention in auditory processing.

4pm – 4.30pm Guided exhibition tour with Emma Smith

4.30pm – 5pm Language Lesson with Emma Smith

Join Emma Smith to hear how the 5Hz language was developed and have a go using it yourself.  This practical workshop will introduce you to the 5Hz language offering insights into how it was created and giving you the opportunity to try out ways the language can be used as a group to create micro compositions. Please contact box office to reserve a place.


5Hz is the result of a collaborative research process with psychologist Laurence White (Plymouth University), cognitive neuroscientist Nina Kazanina, and musicologist Emma Hornby (both University of Bristol). Building on this research, Emma Smith worked with Laurence White to create a language for the role of social bonding.