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Siobhan Davies’ debut film, made in collaboration with David Hinton, explores the minutiae of movement. Part of the Table of Contents events programme.

Made entirely from found footage and photographs from the early days of the moving image, Siobhan Davies and film-maker David Hinton’s film references the footsteps of the protagonist from the short story The Walk by Robert Walser. As in a flick book, ordinary movements appear, evolve and freeze, creating a striking choreographic work that blurs memory, imagination and our sense of self.

‘[T]his film is really about the importance of motion and the desire to capture it, but in the highly textured, fragmented process All This Can Happen also celebrates fantasy, scientific fact, joy and horror in one mind-blowing counterpoint.’ Josephine Leask,

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Dir. Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, UK, 2012, 50mins UK 2012 50mins