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Arnolfini - est 1961

Taking on terrestrial stamina: colliding nine dancers with tectonic tremors and Arctic glacial movements, All Terrain Training is a performance series from mother-son duo Will and Shirley Pegna.

Situated parallel to scientific explanation, All Terrain Training works to connect audiences to the Earth’s activity in a visceral way; combining sonic art with contact movement.

After recent performances in London, Milan and Seoul, we are delighted to welcome the piece to Arnolfini, as a durational sound/dance performance in our foyer spaces.

A colour photograph of three dancers entwined while a spectactor looks on.

There will also be a free workshop for dancers earlier in the day, 11am to 12.30pm, a chance to explore some of the ideas and techniques employed in the piece in more depth. NOW FULLY BOOKED.

All Terrain Training

All Terrain Training reflects the combined workings of mother and son artists Shirley Pegna and Will Pegna. The work is a durational live performance stemming from the audio recordings taken from a residency in the Arctic Circle Shirley Pegna took in 2018. Alongside collected sounds including an earthquake originating in Indonesia 7,595 miles through the planet and electrical currents plucked from the Ionosphere 30 miles above Svalbard, Norway.

Taking influence from the earths relentless activity and energy needed to create these sounds Will Pegna creates a Dojo like situation in the gallery space for physical contact and endurance to occur. Nine dancers take it in turn to exert force against each other. Using physical and vocal signals the dancers maintain tension throughout the duration of the performance. Using the floor and walls, they adopt low, grounded positions mimicking animal standoffs and rugby scrum like formations.

Shirley Pegna

Shirley Pegna is a musician and sound artist – interested in sound as a material. She has been looking lately into sound and vibration travelling through solid matter, exploring it as a connecting agent over extreme long distances as well as for more localised sounding events.

Will Pegna

Will Pegna is a multidisciplinary artist with a 15 year long career as a competitive dancer and choreographer. Will’s practice within performance reflects his interests in the process of movement creation and codification alongside physical training as an expanded tool to uncover new perceptions.