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Alternative Future Scenarios Southern Africa: 1964 – 2050

On the final weekend of Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction,, Alterfutures presents three talks imagining the futures – and histories of the future – of African scenarios.

Cher Potter: A History of Future Scenarios in South Africa from 1992 – 2024

Cher Potter is a design and fashion forecaster, a Research Fellow at the V&A museum on Design Futures, visiting lecturer at the Architectural Association and has a regular column in 032C magazine on science fiction aesthetics.

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: The potential for an SA bio-sublime by 2050

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is a designer, artist and writer exploring the social, ethical and cultural implications of synthetic biology, and a Design Fellow on the international research project Synthetic Aesthetics.

Cristina de Middel: The 1964 Dream of a Zambian Afronaut

Cristina de Middel is a photographer who plays with reconstructions and archetypes, and is currently working on a series called ‘The Afronauts‘ based on the true story of a Zambian science teacher’s amateur space program.