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Working in the terrain between fine arts and living arts French choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet displace conventions and behaviours from everyday life with contemporary arts practice. Throughout 4 Days they plan to explore and confront the practice of meditation in an art institution context.

With: Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet

Head to Arnolfini during micro-festival 4 Day and take part by practising meditation with choreographers les gens d’Uterpan. All levels are welcome and no previous experience of meditation is required. Just arrive anytime between 11am and 1.15pm daily in loose layered clothing and make your way to the Light Studio, cushions are provided but you are equally welcome to bring your own. Please call the box office if you require further information.

Inviting visitors to practice meditation publicly during opening hours Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet will experiment with meditation as an artistic performance at Arnolfini, alongside the activities of others present in the building at the same time. The experience will be undertaken daily, from Thursday 25 April to Sunday 28 April and is open for anyone of any age or background and of any level to take part. Taking place at suitable times throughout the day (and potentially in unsuitable spaces) Meditation will consider the civic role of a space such as Arnolfini whilst exploring notions of living sculpture.

Daily sessions begin with a morning workshop led by the artists before mediating in public in the afternoons. No prior experience of meditation is required and all levels are welcome.

Meditation is kindly supported by Institut Français and the Institut français du Royaume-Uni. With additional support from the Regional Cultural Affairs Office of Ile-de-France – French Ministry of Culture and Communication.