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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Iskra 1903
“spare, free jazz, not easy to listen to, but worth it” Ink
“iskra 1903 reaches heights of infinite sublety in an unusual drummerless format” Melody Maker
The first concert of Arnolfini Music’s second season is on tuesday 19 October 20 30 hrs and will be improvisatory jazz from Iskra 1903. Derek Bailey/guitar, Barry Guy/bass, Paul Rutherford/ trombone have all played for Arnolfini Music before with the Tony Oxley Sextet and are very much involved, both separately and together, with current happenings in the contemporary jazz field. Obviously no programme can be given for improvisatory music, but the following extract from an interview with Paul Rutherford defines their interest very clearly: “… most contemporary artforms seem preoccupied with the profound, almost definte statement expressed alternately with the sledgehammer or the feather — both of which we use frequently. However, we are not motivated by anything as profound as the definite statement, merely that we enjoy a) Playing b) together c) without drums. The fact that none of the instruments is of fixed pitch is indicative of our mutual interest in the “sound inside”.