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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Yggdrasil
Music by Cage/Feldman/Stockhausen/Wolff
Following the most successful David Bedford concert in the Victoria
Rooms ARNOLFINI MUSIC returns to the Gallery on thursday 18
february at 20 00 hrs with a complex programme. Electronics, pianos,
bells etc. will be liberally distributed throughout the Gallery and besides
the problem of finding room for the audience there is also that of
finding time for 12 items of music! The solution is to play several
One or two short Cage pieces dating from his “continuous line”
period will be followed by Morton Feldman’s Four Instruments
for violin, ‘cello, chimes + piano. Then Cage’s Piano Music for two
pianos+tape, during which will be played – successively or
simultaneously – solo for voice 1, Concerto (the same one you may
have heard at the last Bristol University Arts Festival but minus the
piano) and Aria tor voice, the whole thing concluding with an
improvisation which will include electronics. The composer anticipated
and recommended that his pieces might be played thus. Listen to it all
as one piece.
After the interval a firmer, brighter coloured Feldman piece For Franz
Klein for soprano, violin, horn, ‘cello, chimes + piano;
Christian Wolff’s Pain for any pair of instruments including pairs of
tapes and finally Stockhausen’s Correct Durations for two pianos,
violin, viola +’cello from A us den sieben Tagen (1969).
All through the concert a rival attraction, Alison Knowles’ Chair Piece for
George Brecht will be performed, and beyond revealing that it is
obviously for chair this had better remain a mystery. The performers
are Yggdrasil:
Helen Sava (soprano)
Phillipp Wachsmann (violin)
William Monical (viola)
Coryn Glass (‘cello)
David Pinder (flute + piano)
Colin Stiff (horn + piano)