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Arnolfini - est 1961

How many of us have found solace in a creative pursuit? The absorption, the expressivity, the fun – the chance to turn away from worries to what can feel like a more immediate and direct way of relating to our experience. This is not something reserved just for professional artists. It’s something we should all feel we have the right to pursue.

Arnolfini is delighted to launch a new partnership with art and health professionals creativeShift, Fresh Arts, UWE Bristol and BCC Culture team. We’ll be providing a platform for them to promote the resources they’ve designed to help people connect with the healing power of creativity. We’ll also be showcasing work created by local people in response to these resources.

We’ll be updating this page in the next few weeks and months. But for now, take a look at these worksheets designed by creativeShift. Have a go, or pass them on to someone you think might enjoy using them.

Crumpled Paper Activity Sheet

Burnt Toast Activity Sheet