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Arnolfini - est 1961

ARTIST IN SCHOOLS EXHIBITION 22 January – 24 february upstairs foyer area
This is an exhibition of work produced by students from Hanham High School and artist Jeremy Diggle, during an artist in schools placement.
For two weeks in July 1984 Jeremy Diggle went to Hanham High School to work with a small group of fourth year students on a special self portraiture project. He also worked on his own painting, sculpture and holograms which he brought with him into the school.
His work with the fourth year students, involved them making small scale models which could then be used to make holograms. The project was based on the idea of a self portrait so that the models would depict some aspect of themselves. Making the models entailed solving problems of 3D construction and design which were compatible with the very special requirements for making holograms.
During the six months between the placement and this exhibition, Jeremy has been making the holograms from the students models and finishing his own art work which arose from working in the school.