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Arnolfini - est 1961

Stacy Makishi is a Baadasss and she wants to kill some time with you.

As part of Autumn 2013’s season of live art theatre, Arnolfini presents artist masterclasses led by the season’s participants. Ahead of The Falsettos Stacy Makishi invites artists/performers at any stage in their careers to join her for ‘Killing Time’, beginning at 4pm on Friday 18 October.

Do you regularly have ideas for performance that you kill off before they’re born? Then Killing Time is the workshop for you. Drawing inspiration from the 1970’s film genre Blaxploitation, here’s a workshop that gets down and feels the funk.

Killing time helps you:

• Move faster than think

• Write quicker than edit

• Create faster than critique

Killing Time will explore identity in its full frontal glory. It’s open to artists willing to try out new ideas and walk out into the unknown.

Stacy Makishi is a master of mischief. She can draw out the creative juice from any situation in the most inspiring ways. She rocks!’ Shlomo

Duration: 2 hours

Please note: Ticket holders for this masterclass also qualify for complimentary entry to The Falsettos, at 7.30pm on Saturday 19th October. 

This masterclass is for a maximum of 20 participants and tickets will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. Basic refreshments will be provided.