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Arnolfini - est 1961

Friday 3 November 8.00pm Presented in association with Poetry Can
Benji Reid
The Waiting Room
Benji Reid is a performance artist, a stand up tragedian, a bodypopper, a b-boy who wants to ask you what you’re waiting for. He invites you into the rhythmic underbelly of the waiting room alongside a double bassist and pianist. Benji forms a physical album of three beautiful, melancholic and passionate signature tunes:
Track 1. The Holiday.
Take a holiday of movement-based theatre, body popping, stuttered poetic text and rhythm, in this dark and instinctive proposition on escapism.
Track 2. The Pugilist
In collaboration with renowned puppeteers Faulty Optic, the magical world of boxing is created through object theatre and Benji’s touching and funny portrayal of an old pugilist.
Track 3. Crowded Stomach
A lyrical experience of soul theatre. The crowded tenements of the human figure frame the world of Jimi Hendrix, the intolerant neighbour and the quiet hero. Benji plays them all amongst text from Richard II, seven naked light bulbs and Radiohead.