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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Matthew Goulish
Friday 18 August 7.30pm
Book Launch
Matthew Goulish: 39 Microlectures : In Proximity of Performance
‘A series of accidents has brought you this book.
You may think of it not as a book, but as a library, an elevator, an amateur performance in a nearby theatre.
Open it to the table of contents.
Turn to the page that sounds the most interesting to you.
Read a sentence or two.
Repeat the process.
Read this book as a creative act, and feel encouraged.’
Matthew Goulish, founder member of Goat Island performance group, will introduce his book ‘39 Microlectures : In Proximity of Performance’ (Routledge £12.99) in which he intimates that the boundaries between poetry and criticism, creativity and theory, are less fixed than they may seem. The book is written to inspire – or provoke – creativity and thought.
£2.50/£1.50 concessions