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Arnolfini - est 1961
Bawren Tavaziva brings the film of his latest work, ‘Boys Khaya’ to Arnolfini with a live dance intervention and choreographic forum. He will also lead a workshop, where he sets out to inspire and ignite interest in contemporary African dance.

Tavaziva counters many of the generic African dance styles and brings his innovative approach to contemporary practice with this thoughtful and dynamic project. His connection to Afrika Eye reaches back to when Ingrid Sinclair (founder of Afrika Eye) made the film ‘Dance Got Me’ in 2006, exploring his early career in Zimbabwe.

This work focuses on my childhood experiences. The little houses behind White family mansions are called a BOY’S KHAYA. My mother and my father used to work for a rich White family and my parents lived in the BOY’S KHAYA” – Barwen Tavaziva