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Arnolfini - est 1961

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 November 8.00pm
Breathing Space 10
Uninvited Guests
In Film, Uninvited Guests imagine the end of cinema – a time when films have been lost or banned, the prints degraded, or burned. In a series of interviews in cinemas, people have been asked to describe a scene from a movie which stood out in their memory. In a theatre space, part studio, part cinema, Uninvited Guests re-stage these fragments and produce a live edit/mix. Film uses performance and digital technology to try to piece the movies back together from our fading memories. In so doing, they remember the 20th Century. This is documentary performance theatre made for camera but not recorded. For your eyes only; a bastard theatre obsessed with the movies.
Bristol-based Uninvited Guests’ last piece, Guest House, was commissioned by Breathing Space. Film is their second work for Arnolfini Live.
‘Voyeuristic, intrusive and illicit, the group … suffer from a kind of amnesia which forces them to live their lives through others’ (i-D Magazine).

Uninvited Guests’ CD-Rom re-staging of Guest House will be available at Arnolfini
Box Office on 10/11 November. A new digital/performance documentation you
become the player in an interactive 3D guest house, wandering freely through its rooms.
Published by DA2 and Arnolfini Live.

Breathing Space enters the growing zone with Bristol’s first live art festival.

Breathing Space offers artists the freedom to explore new ideas, re-energise existing ones and create work that is astounding, provocative and immediate. In forthcoming months, Breathing Space will be on the road, taking work from the south west-based performance artists to the Now Festival Nottingham. Bodies in Flight, Elaine Kordys, Tom Marshman, Uninvited Guests, Matt Hawthorn, Sophia New and Storehouse will return to Arnolfini next year in In-between Time, Bristol’s first live art festival, taking place in venues across Bristol.

For more information, please contact Arnolfini box office and ask to be put on the live mailing list, or write to the Live Department.