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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Alan Davie, Anthony Currell, Brian Rice, Eduardo Paolozzi, Elisabeth Frink, Graham Sutherland, Helena Markson, Ian Breakwell, Ian Tyson, Joe Tilson, Josef Herman, Moya Cozens, Prunella Clough, Richard Chesterman, Robert Adams, Ron Fuller, Stanley William Hayter, Tadek Beutlich, Trevor Challinor
The revival of interest in the 1950’s in printmaking by artists in this country has led to a great increase in the number working in this field.

In arranging this exhibition we have set out to give a broad idea of the variety of original prints being produced by contemporary British artists—mostly at prices ranging from 5 guineas to 15 guineas. The Arnolfini Gallery always has a large collection of prints in stock and is very willing to offer advice in the selection of prints for industrial and commercial organisations, educational authorities and private individuals.