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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Brian Yale, John Berry, Mauro Kunst, Roy Grayson

As a solution to the difficulties arising out of packing, transporting and insuring works of modern art our COMPACK and EUROMINIPROTOPACK exhibitions have been specially designed by us. The COMPACK is an aluminium box measuring 75cms cube that fits exactly into the rear of a Ford 5cwt van or a Renault 4L. The box contains a complete show of medium sized pieces including paintings, sculptures, multiples, drawings and prints. Our intention is to take the box over the Channel by car ferry and from there on each gallery which shows the COMPACK repacks and passes the box on to the next gallery. The first box was delivered to a Brussels gallery last November and we hope to have four of these boxes in circulation throughout Europe and the UK by the end of this year. One box fills an average gallery; more than one box can be sent when necessary.

The EUROMINIPROTOPACK is also an aluminium box, measuring 50cms x 62.5cms x 5cms containing an exhibition of 32 drawings or collages pre-packed in plastic bags. These bags also serve as an integral frame and mount ready for immediate hanging. Unlike the COMPACK the EUROMINIPROTOPACK is designed as a postal exhibition to be sent by air mail throughout the world. When individual items in the COMPACK and EUROMINIPROTOPACK are sold replacements are sent out by air freight. This is not difficult as most of the works are replaceable from similar but not identical stock.