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The inaugural Several 2nds event – an evening of sonic performances presented by Consumer Waste, a low impact imprint for the publication of experimental music.

Yann Leguay

Brussels based sound artist Yann Leguay is a true media saboteur. His flagrant disregard for the accepted norms of audio behaviour appropriates industrial machinery for the playback of audio media: using an angle grinder to perform the live destruction of a microphone or to playback a CD at dizzying speed. His release activity is equally deviant, releasing a 7” single without a central hole and a record composed from recordings of vinyl being scratched by scalpel. His Phonotopy label proposes a conceptual approach to recording media and he curates the DRIFT series on the Artkillart label which overlays several grooves onto a single record, causing randomised playback.

Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer

Although they have worked together for almost four years Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer had never performed as a duo until recording the collection of brutalist field recordings launched on this tour.  Patrick has been a percussionist since the age of 12 when his mother bought him his first drum kit, eight years later he spent six months studying Hindustani Tabla with Pandit Nayan Ghosh. Ever restless, for this tour he has picked up a reel to reel player in the hope that its motors will surpass his expectations and objects. Stephen is a sculptor who reconfigures the mechanical media of old. On this tour he will attempt to simultaneously transcribe and playback Patrick’s playing onto blank vinyl in real time, he will fail.

Greg Stuart, Dominic Lash & Samuel Rodgers

Greg Stuart has become renowned globally in recent years for his work with composer Michael Pisaro, creating dense aggregates from meticulous recordings of extended percussion techniques. In 2013 he has released the auspicious debut of new Erstwhile offshoot erstAEU, a duo with Joe Panzner, one of the most highly praised experimental albums of the year so far.

Dominic Lash 
is a freely improvising double bassist and composer. He has performed with musicians such as Tony Conrad, Joe Morris, Evan Parker and the late Steve Reid. His current projects include The Dominic Lash QuartetThe Set Ensemble (an experimental music group focused on the work of the Wandelweiser collective) and The Convergence Quartet.

Samuel Rodgers is a Birmingham based sound artist and composer/improviser whose work explores acoustic phenomena and develops haptic relationships to sounding objects and spaces. This tour will see them both perform together for the first time.

This event is part of Several 2nds: tracing countercurrents in sound.

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