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Arnolfini - est 1961

Performance Re-enactment Society (PRS), Tom Sowden & Michalis Pichler, Arnolfini Archive
Cover-ed is a series of curatorial and creative interventions into and around Ed Ruscha and Mason Williams’ iconic 1969 photo bookwork Crackers, a copy of which is held in Arnolfini’s Archive. The story follows a man who invites a sophisticated woman to a skid-row flophouse and coaxes her into lying down on a bed of crisp green salad. After asking what salad dressing she prefers, he proceeds to pour five gallons of her choice over her entire body.

Over two months this bookwork will become the script, score, instruction, and inspiration for a three-day performance of photography, a participatory performance event, an installation, and a new book work called Salad Dressing. Join us for a series of playful and critical transformations of the original book, in which gender roles and intentions shift, and in which you, the readers, can get involved.