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David Glowacki, Phill Tew, Lee J. Malcolm
Sun 7 Aug 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Free / All Ages Welcome
Join us for an immersive and participatory collective experience developed by David Glowacki, researcher in theoretical chemistry, and artists/musicians Phill Tew and Lee J. Malcolm. Arnolfini’s spaces will be rigged with 3d imaging technology to track your motion, you are invited to move, observe, play and even dance. Using cutting edge robotic technology, computing and real physics, your movement will warp virtual forcefields, triggering sound and image – allowing movement to emerge as interactive visuals and soundscapes. Modern technology increasingly offers us an individualised experience, however this work uses art and science to generate results which are amplified and modified by collective action.
Supported by the University of Bristol. Funded by EPSRC Partnerships in Public Engagement scheme.