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Arnolfini - est 1961

A night of big bass tunes from Booty Bass; celebrating womxn and non binary folk behind the decks and pon di floor. Empowering womxn, embracing different cultures, and creating an environment with good vibes.

Presented by Arnolfini as part of the Still I Rise expanded programme. 

Booty Bass is a Bristol treasure – since beginning in January 2018, Booty Bass have created spaces for big bass lovers that welcome all. With women behind both the planning and the decks, Booty Bass challenges the macho status quo and brings an alternative energy to the beats. Come down for big, bad, unapologetic bangers from around the globe. Booty Bass sistahs, Devolicious and Ngaio will be bringing the thunder & lightning of booty-shaking tunes.

We’ve got to fight powers that be; resist with all our beings; come join us in celebrating life; let’s dance ourselves free.

Description of the image at the top of the page:  A figure with headphones around their neck is looking to their left. They appear to be singing along to something and looking enthusiastic indicating they are DJing. They are wearing a rainbow coloured necklace that says ‘PRIDE’.