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Half of the inscrutable duo Hype Williams, Dean Blunt performs his new live show based on the acclaimed 2013 album The Redeemer. Support comes from Lord Tusk.

Dean Blunt is a musician based in London. As half of the enigmatic Hype Williams with Inga Copeland he released a string of utterly compelling recordings while willfully obscuring identities and intentions. His 2012 solo introduction The Narcissist II was a narcotic mixtape ode to an unspecified ‘girl’. The recent album The Redeemer proceeds with a yet more direct and heartfelt message, lifting the veil of tape hiss and blurred signifiers that characterised most of Blunt’s previous work. The result is a profound artistic statement as singular as it is somehow familiar, its strange, bruised grandeur rising from a disorientating swirl of contradictory emotion. Musically, Blunt’s new songs are replete with vivid mosaics of sound and imagery, orchestral sonatas drifting into ravaged 4am ballads and feral psychedelia. They capture the essence of modern romance: delusional, infatuated and all-consuming.

Support comes from Lord Tusk.

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