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Arnolfini - est 1961

Join Ceramics residents and guests for a mixture of live music and DJ sets in the cafe bar

Listen/Download an exert for this event:


Ceramics is a burgeoning Bristol based imprint with two official releases under it’s belt in the form of an LP from NTS resident Joane Skyler and a cassette from the ever recherché duo Mhah Mos. Providing a platform for guest mixes from a global formation of artists including the likes of Gramrcy, Rkss, 1127, Omaar and Blair Sound Design. 2016 began with live events from Bristol to Berlin in the configuration of “Ceramics Workshops” featuring artists such as Broshuda, Ondness and Felix Godden. These shows gave those involved an opportunity to fully test their sound, usually intermate in nature, with a diminished disposition to direction, there is no austere precept in sonic exploration and no tempo to cohere to. Ceramics will begin a monthly residence on Noods radio in November with the initiative to continue to expose the more obscure and concealed bracket of electronic music.


With releases on Reckno, Boomkat and your very own Ceramics. Spectral jammer, preset scroller, NTS resident Joane Skyler will be rolling out the obscurities expect some of the finest IJM you ever heard.



Teresa Winter burst out of nowhere with her sophomore cassette ‘Oh Tina, No Tina’ released on the seminal Rekno label, described as “devotional VHS post rave meltdowns of the highest quality” she’ll be performing a live set, bound to be ethereal and captivating.



Sitting somewhere between acidic peregrine jams and modern composition, Primordial Throat explores the electro acoustic methods to the fullest with an arsenal of home made weapons.

Dune Series is a collection of music events and online mixes showcasing a selection of Bristol’s underground electronic music communities.