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Arnolfini - est 1961

Eleanor Antin: Real Time Streaming
A pioneer in performance, video, film and installation art, Eleanor Antin is among the first generation of feminist artists working in the United States. Her work fuses elements of escapist drama, historical fiction and humour to illuminate philosophical themes. This exhibition explores the artist’s interest in the role of identity, both real and constructed, in everyday life. It offers the chance to see recent work by Antin, together with seminal historic pieces such as Carving: A Traditional Sculpture (1972), in which the artist records her weight loss over a
36-day period as she starves into an ‘ideal’ version of herself. Also featured are 100 Boots (1971-1973), the mail art adventures of 100 gumboots on a mythical journey coast to coast across North America; together with an installation of the boots themselves in their final ‘crash pad’ (first constructed for the Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Curated by Rachael Thomas and organised by the Mead Gallery, this exhibition is complemented by a smaller show of Eleanor Antin’s work at Cornerhouse in Manchester
(3 March to 22 April).

Supported by the Arts Council of England.