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Sat 9 Apr 3.00pm – 10.00pm
£10.00/£7.00 Concs
This event maps some of the dialectics outlined above, via composer Cornelius Cardew’s musical and political transformation between the time of two texts, Report on Stockhausen’s ‘Carré’ (from 1961, the year of Arnolfini’s opening ), and his anti-elitist polemic, Stockhausen Serves Imperialism (from 1974, a year in which he also performed his piano music at Arnolfini). Running like a seam through the early Arnolfini concerts and Cardew’s career are complex issues of democracy in music, the role of the avant-garde within society and the blurring of composer and ‘audience’ roles.

Elektrostatic (Composer Richard Barnard and Bristol Ensemble’s new music project based at Colston Hall) joins Arnolfini for a day long event, restaging works performed in those concerts (including pieces by Morton Feldman, Stockhausen and Cardew) alongside new work, participatory music production, discussions and film screenings.