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Arnolfini - est 1961

Visit 1930s New York, sit around a virtual campfire and take a trip into the depths of space. Whilst here, perhaps you will unlock a hidden world of fast fashion with your phone, experience a psychedelic vision quest in a headset, or glimpse a snow leopard in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

In this unique showcase you will discover wondrous new forms of immersive creativity from UWE Bristol’s Virtual and Extended Realities master’s students, and get a first glimpse at the works in progress that are being created by some of the most exciting emerging talent in the UK.

During your one-hour slot you will have an opportunity to try out a range of immersive experiences. Many of the works involve the use of a virtual reality equipment which involves a headset and controllers. In response to current Covid conditions, we are keeping visitor numbers low to enable social distancing, and to allow all equipment to be thoroughly sanitised between uses. Face coverings are advised for all guests, and additional face shields (surrounding the eyes) and disposable gloves are available on request. Please be patient with us, and respectful of one another as we navigate these changing times together.

As many of the experiences involve the use of virtual reality headsets, this event is not suitable for children 12 or under. Children 13+ must be accompanied by an adult.

UWE Bristol VR Lab:
In 2021 UWE Bristol and Arnolfini installed a brand-new VR Lab on our 2nd floor, nestled between the Light and Dark Studios. We are looking forward to welcoming you into this new facility, sharing the pioneering, immersive work that is being developed here now, and getting your thoughts and ideas about what might come next.