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Arnolfini - est 1961

Come and design your own sleeve and cut your very own WAX record!

Participants will be given a demonstration of how to use a turntable as a drawing tool and then will work collaboratively to create a personalised record sleeve of their own using various mediums. 

The second element to this workshop is based on similar principles. Participants will be creating their own 7” wax dub plates using turntables, speakers and frequencies to carve into wax discs.

At the end of this famous workshop you will walk away with your own wax dubplate in your own sleeve…


Run by Copper Sounds

Copper Sounds explore the physical and visual nature of sound, through designing, making and playing unique sonic objects. Starting out as an experimental record manufacturer they made records out of everything from copper, volcanic rock, chalk, ceramic and everything in between. They would then mix these different materials together to sculpt a dark, fractious and industrial dance floor energy. More recent work has focused on minimalist-inspired compositions and exploring the different acoustic and resonant properties of particular shapes, forms and materials.

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The EP/64 # 64 workshop programme is supported by the West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) and Arts Council England.

WEVAA is a consortium partnership of nine organisations co-lead by Spike Island and Visual Arts South West and including the Brunswick Club, Bath Spa School of Art, Bristol City Council, Creative Youth Network, Culture Weston, North Somerset Council and UWE Bristol.

This alliance is delivering a 3-year programme of activity with the aim of supporting visual arts progression in the region, with the collective vision for the visual arts community in Bristol and the West of England to become more progressive, sustainable and inclusive by 2024.

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Arts Council England