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Visit the temporary, community Ballast Seed Garden at the Festival of Nature’s Amphitheatre on the harbourside, specially created for Bristol’s BIG Green Week Festival.

Learn about Bristol’s Floating Ballast Seed Garden and take part in exciting activities, exploring ballast seed plants and the journeys they made to reach Bristol.

Family learning activities will include:

– How do seeds grow? Making newspaper plant pots and seed planting

– Where are we from? Creating an interactive map of the trade routes to Bristol

– Where do our fruit and vegetables come from? Plants and their origins matching game

– What do plants sound like? Uncover the micro sounds of plants

The temporary garden will also contain logs from the artwork R.T/S.R/V.S which featured in the Matti Braun exhibition that opened at Arnolfini in October 2012. The logs started life in Westonbirt arboretum, and this is their penultimate showing before possibly being transported to India to be part of the exhibition Black Sun.

Learn more about the project here. Share your photos with us or tell us what you think @arnolfiniarts #ballastseed.

The community garden and activities tent has been produced in collaboration with the University of Bristol Centre for Public Engagement and Botanic Garden.