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Arnolfini - est 1961

until 1 July

This exhibition has departed from our norm with the work of Amanda Bright and Jeanette Wright, who, as recent graduates from Camberwell School of Arts’ silversmithing department are making neither jewellery nor silverware. The course takes a pioneering attitude towards working in metal with an emphasis on acquiring skills but not necessarily on producing functional items. Amanda and Jeanette both take the standpoint of a sculptor, working with particular materials that suit their purpose. For Amanda steel provides the strength and precision she requires – for Jeanette, gilding metal and copper allow her to produce her strong, flowing forms and include in her field of investigation surface textures and colours.

An appealing element in their work is the domestic reference to the bowl. The scale on which they work also adds to the feeling of accessibility – it is easy to imagine the pieces in a domestic setting – unlike most sculpture which is essentially gallery material – their work could be enjoyed equally well in lesser surroundings.

The ‘figures’ in this show are the results of Esther Knobel’s fertile imagination and development as a jeweller. Cut out pieces of tin are decorated with embossing and paint to become archers (on and off horseback) or fighting knights. Brooches and necklaces are articulated and slightly reminiscent of tin toys, with the same sense of fun, function and collectability. She has used the materials and techniques for some time in abstract forms and some simpler brooches will be for sale in our ‘shop window’ showcase.