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Our new Film Ex season, FREEZE-FRAMES, BURN HOLES AND BREACHES will begin with the premiere of Lebanese film makers, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige’s feature film, The Lebanese Rocket Society (2012, 97 mins)

The Lebanese Rocket Society excavates a time of memory and possibility – of what could have been, what could be and what has been forgotten. The Lebanese Rocket Society tells the story of the Lebanese space-race. In the early 60’s, at the height of the Cold War and Pan Arabism, a group of utopian students and researchers enter the space race and create the Lebanese Rocket Society. These days, it would be unconceivable to allow a small team of dreamers to launch rockets into the skies of the Middle East. This adventure plays out as anecdote a story kept secret in the course of history. Through their work with documents, archives and animation as well as reconstitutions and art installations, Hadjithomas and Joreige attempt to question this story and the ideas of re-enactment, reconstitution and restaging.

Filmmaker, Khalil Joreige will join us for a discussion on time – rupture, reconstitution and the “unrealised imaginary” after the film.



A year-long think tank (involving screenings and discussion) addressing the ways in which film approaches questions of time. Curated by Bridget Crone (Plenty Projects) and Al Cameron (Arnolfini).


October, November & December 2013

In this first series of the new Film Exercise programme, we will explore the possibilities opened up by the freezing, reversing and overlapping of time – processes that interrupt or rupture time’s perpetual movement. Each series of three Film Exercise events will comprise: a screening of a long-form film, a screening of artists’ film and video and a round-table discussion event.

We will continue with a round-table discussion in November and a screening of artists’ film and video by a guest curator in December. Stay tuned for exciting programme updates. 14 November / 12 December.


Film Exercise was initiated in 2009 by Bridget Crone (Media Art Bath) as a forum for the screening and discussion of artists’ film and video. It is now curated and presented by Bridget Crone and Al Cameron.


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