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Arnolfini - est 1961

The 16th Royal Anthropological Film Festival is proud to present, in collaboration with University of West of England and Arnolfini, a rare screening of Safi Faye’s stunning drama.

Mossane is a beautiful 14-year-old girl from a rural Serer village, beloved by many including her own brother, and Fara, a poor university student. Although she has long been promised in marriage to the wealthy Diogaye, Mossane defies her parents’ wishes and pursues a relationship with Fara.

Safi Faye’s gorgeous, powerful film begins from a detailed observation of contemporary village life, and unfolds with the mounting force of an ancient drama. The film shows the strength of a younger generation as they resist archaic traditions, and revels in their courage and their wish for emancipation.

Safi Faye is one of the most influential African filmmakers. Her work is greatly inspired by her studies as an ethnologist, and treads the line between documentary and fiction. This screening is part of RAI Film Festival’s Special Focus on Faye’s work, which also includes a screening of Fad,Jal, screening at 11:00 on Fri 29 March at Watershed.  

This screening will be followed by a discussion of Faye’s work and legacy. We are delighted to be welcoming acclaimed filmmaker Jenn Nkiru along with researchers Estrella Sendra (University of Southampton) and Lizelle Bischoff (University of Glasgow), in a conversation chaired by curator and writer Elizabeth Chege.

Tickets are available to book via the link above, or available to RAI Film Festival Pass Holders at Arnolfini from 18:30.