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Arnolfini - est 1961

For the first year Filmarmalade, a London based publisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artists’ film and video works, teams up with Arnolfini to celebrate their launch.

Alongside other short works and interviews we will screen recent Filmmarmalade releases: Pil and Galia Kollectiv’s Co-Operative Explanatory Capabilities in Organizational Design and Personnel Management, Beth Fox’s A Marvellous Negative Capability and the world premier screening of The Modern Language Experiments’s Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin).

Videos will be showing all day. Entry is free. At 6.15pm, the screening will be followed by a public discussion with the artists’ and the artist-publisher Gordon Shrigley.


Co-Operative Explanatory Capabilities in Organizational Design and Personnel Management

Pil and Galia Kollectiv, UK, 2010, Video, B&W, Sound, 23 mins

Pil and Galia Kollectiv’s Co-Operative Explanatory Capabilities in Organizational Design and Personnel Management, is composed of a series of still photographs taken from an online archive that documents the transformation of a pioneering computing company into a religious cult. The work investigates the place of creativity in efficiency management and the operation of bureaucratic systems in a post-industrial work environments.

Pil and Galia Kollectiv recently exhibited work at The Showroom Gallery, London, the Trade Gallery, Birmingham, Royal Standard, Liverpool and has screened work at the Oberhausen film festival, Limoncello, London and at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. Pil and Galia Kollectiv were born in Jerusalem, Israel and live and work in London.

An Interview with Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Gordon Shrigley, featuring Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Nina Power and Marina Vishmidt, UK, 2013, Video, Colour, Sound, 55 mins

A Marvellous Negative Capability

Beth Fox, UK, 2012, Video, Colour, Sound, 9 mins

Beth Fox’s, A Marvellous Negative Capability, records two high camp art critics discussing a work of video art to camera. The work parodies and yet ultimately celebrates, the various forms of metro sexual postmodern contemporary art criticism and its marked tendency to luxuriate in the eternal return of the absurdity of discourse and its many tautological obsessions.

Beth Fox recently recently exhibited work at Divus Gallery, London, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, the Horse Hospital, London and the Bunkhouse Gallery, Madrid. She was born in Ireland and lives and works in London.

Various Incomplete Scenes from Porcile [a performative interview]

Beth Fox, Konstanty Czart and Gordon Shrigley, UK, 2013m, Video, Colour, Sound, 16 mins

Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin)

The Modern Language Experiment, UK, 2013, Video, Colour, Sound, 20 mins

The Modern Language Experiment’s Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin), follows a collection of unnamed characters through a series of imagined future urban landscapes whilst discussing and quoting two literary works, one real and one imagined. The work investigates the temporality of the imagination and its marked tendency to live possible alternative futures now.

The Modern Language Experiment recently exhibited work at Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, Garis and Hahn, New York, the Bermondsey Project, London and at the Sluice Art Fair, London. The Modern Language Experiment were formed in 2007 and are based in London.

Working Title [a performative interview]

The Modern Language Experiment and Gordon Shrigley, UK, 2013, Video, Colour, Sound, 30 mins


Filmarmalade website.