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Arnolfini - est 1961

Artists, musicians and folklorists weave traditional storytelling, experimental puppetry and improvised music together to transform the building.

Featuring: Ian Humberstone, Sam Mcloughlin, David A Jaycock, Ian Humberstone, David Chatton Barker, Jez Winship and Richard J Lockley Hobson

Folklore Tapes is an open-ended research project exploring the vernacular arcana of Great Britain and beyond; traversing the myths, mysteries, magic and strange phenomena of the old counties via abstracted musical reinterpretation and experimental visuals.

The driving principle of the project is to bring the nation’s folk record to life, to rekindle interest in the treasure trove of traditional culture by finding new forms for its expression.

This raggle-taggle coven of musicians, artists and folklorists will ritually reanimate the lore of ages past through traditional storytelling, experimental light puppetry and improvised music, transforming the Arnolfini’s auditorium into a supernatural light-box-landscape of myth and legend. Expect modified instruments, illuminated installations, possessed projectors and shamanic voyaging.

Auditorium Performances:

Stanton Drew: ‘There are who may this tale esteem. As some crazed poet’s idle dream. Yet ’tis not so, I only tell. What once, tradition says, befell. In ages past. But, false or true,The stones remain in Stanton Drew’. John Wood

Folklore Tapes ensemble present their investigations into the ancient megalithic Avon stone circle. Utilising a myriad of methods such as Geomancy / Dowsing / Tent Projections / Light sculptures / 30x Piece Lithophone / Singing Synth Stones / Narration and slides.

Inland Water: Sam McLoughlin & David A Jaycock: Performing pieces from Devon Folklore Tapes Volume III – Inland Water Sonic investigations into tales of Crazywell Pool, Cutty Dyer, The Tar Steps & The Deancombe Weaver. (Exclusive release of Inland Water Twin Ten-inch)

Black Dog Traditions of England: Tales of phantom black dogs with ‘eyes like saucers’ abound in the folklore of the British Isles. But what are these coal-coloured fiends: shaggy dog stories, harmless spooks, or the devil himself in dog form? Folklore Tapes ensemble investigates, in an audio-visual lecture combining storytelling, light puppetry and experiments in film and music.

Folklore of Plants: Cures, magic, divination and portents were all connected with the rich variety of available plant life, especially in verdant Britain. Folklore Tapes ensemble brings the lore of plant to life with automated organic projection sculptures, narration and improvised sonic accompaniment on hand made instruments.

And in the Cafe Bar:

Richard Lockley Hobleson / Folklore Tapes films / DJs and exclusive Folklore Tapes booklet and cassette available on the night.

Explore the Folklore Tapes blog here.

This event is produced in collaboration between Folklore Tapes, ONOMATO, and Arnolfini.

Richard Long: TIME AND SPACE

This event accompanies the major exhibition TIME AND SPACE by Richard Long at Arnolfini, that explores the artist’s enduring relationship with the landscape of Bristol and the South West – a starting point for so many of his iconic works. This exhibition will bring together recreations of previous important works and entirely new commissions, both in the gallery and on The Downs, where the artist spent much of his childhood. A programme of events accompanies the exhibition and offsite commission, including walks, talks and conversations, family events, screenings and performances. Read more…