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Arnolfini - est 1961

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 March 7.30pm

£8/£5 Concs

Forced Entertainment

Exquisite Pain

A performance from a text by Sophie Calle

A man and a woman tell tales of heartbreak. The woman repeatedly recounts the story of the end of an affair; each time remembering it differently. The man tells stories from many different people; each a snapshot of sorrow, that takes its place in a growing catalogue of suffering, break-ups, humiliations, deaths, bad dentistry and love letters that never arrive.

Based on a project by the renowned French conceptual artist Sophie Calle, Exquisite Pain marks the first time that Forced Entertainment have worked from a ‘text’. This simple and intimate performance is about love, loss, and the stories we tell ourselves when things have gone wrong.

“The marriage of Calle’s text with Tim Etchells’ minimalist, utterly uncompromising production is heaven-sent… I cannot recommend it strongly enough.” **** Lyn Gardner, The Guardian