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Arnolfini - est 1961

We are presenting three artist films as part of Forest : Wake this Ground, by Mark Garry, Jumana Manna and Ben Rivers.

An Lucht Siúil (The Walking People), 2020 Mark Garry A still image taken from a film called Lucht Siúil (The Walking People) made by Mark Garry. The image is of a horse seen from the side stood in a field. Only the head and shoulders are visible and the field behind is blurred by the summer light.

An Lucht Siúil (The Walking People), 2020  Mark Garry


Irish artist and composer Mark Garry’s film An Lucht Siúil (The Walking People) looks at the relationships between land, movement and ownership through richly intertwined songs sung in both English and Shelta (the language of Irish travellers). A work first shown in his solo show Songs and the Soil.

In the Little Cinema, Level 2. Running times 11am, 12.20pm, 1.40pm, 3pm, 4.20pm. Duration 12.06 minutes.

Click here to download the An Lucht Siúil (The walking people) – Transcript of the film dialogue by Mark Garry


Wild Relatives, 2018 (Walid, organic farmer) Jumana Manna A still image taken from a film called Wild Relatives made by artist and film-maker Jumana Manna. The image is of three people on the back of a small motorbike. A young boy is holding the side mirrors at the front and a man wearing a wide brimmed straw coloured hat sits behind holding the handle bars. Behind him sits a woman in a headdress holding a small child. In the background is a dusty landscape with a dirty white wall and trees on the left and a two-storey building on the right.

Wild Relatives, 2018 (Walid, organic farmer)  Jumana Manna


In her 2018 documentary, Wild Relatives, Palestinian artist Jumana Manna explores the tensions between human need and natural resources. Through the journey of seeds and the migrant women responsible for their replanting, the film tells the story of the Arctic’s Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

In the Little Cinema, Level 2. Running times 11.16am, 12.36pm, 1.56pm, 3.16pm, 4.36pm. Duration 64 minutes.

Look Then Below, 2019 Ben Rivers This is a still image taken from a 16mm film by Ben Rivers called Look Then Below. The image is of a forest and contains tree trunks, ferns and the forest floor. The still image is overlaid with a colourful light filter of pink, blue and green which blurs the forest behind.

Look Then Below, 2019  Ben Rivers


Ben Rivers’ film Look Then Below looks to the future, journeying into a subterranean world. Shot beneath the Mendip hills and ancient woodland in Somerset, the film reimagines a future in which the full impact of environmental damage inflicted by man is felt.

In Gallery 4, Level 1. On a continuous loop. Duration 22 minutes.