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Arnolfini - est 1961

Artist Chloe Cooper has created an audio walk for you to listen to while walking between the two exhibitions sites of Art from Elsewhere.

The easiest way to listen is to download the audio onto your smartphone. However, we also have a limited number of headphones and MP3 players available to collect from Arnolfini Box Office, for a deposit of £5. Please return all equipment and your deposit will be returned.

The walk begins at Arnolfini and has two parts, see track listing and free download below:

Track 1

From Here to There

(18 minutes 57 seconds) – it’s uphill

Direction: Arnolfini to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The artists Carl Andre and Robert Smithson take a journey through the streets of Bristol, reflecting on their experience of Art from Elsewhere. Carl Andre ‘is best known as a minimalist sculptor’ but in the exhibition, he is represented by some of his concrete poetry: ‘a form in which the visual order of the words or letters on the page is as important as the words themselves’. Robert Smithson ‘is best known for his monumental ‘earth works” but in Art from Elsewhere is represented by some of his ‘phantasmagorical drawings of cosmological worlds…’. Hear a fictional conversation between the artists as they find themselves ‘elsewhere’.

If you want to walk the same way as Carl and Robert did, go across Pero’s Bridge, along the restaurants by the waterfront and up Park Street via Ganesha Handicrafts and the Wetherspoons opposite Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Track 2

…And Back Again

(12 minutes 59 seconds) – it’s downhill

 Direction: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery to Arnolfini

It’s a mash up track that you don’t want to dance to, with sounds of hope and despair, and a general feeling of it going down the wrong way. It’s stinky burps. It’s acid reflux. It’s delicious. It’s chewy. It’s bloating, abdominal pain and constipation. 

Listen to a visceral response to the experience of Art from Elsewhere. Begin with Ana Mendieta’s smoking body, be persuaded into failed collective activism and end with an affective rant on the politics of collecting and lending.

Chloe Cooper, 2016.

Commissioned by Arnolfini and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Chloe Cooper uses performative tours, lectures and instructional videos to propose something quite improbable to a group of people to be worked through together. This something quite improbable normally splashes about in the rocky waters of human relationships, like the desire to subvert conventional thought around regionalism and progress via time travel or trying to understand why someone left a challenging programme of practice-sharing by inspecting a plaster cast of their foot.

This commission is part of the Art from Elsewhere Programme.