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Arnolfini - est 1961

Geometry of Rage brings together the work of three artists who have confronted some of the starker and more disconcerting aspects of our contemporary world. Each artist has evolved a distinct vision over a period of years and their work has come to reflect the spirit of our times. They probe the unconscious and reveal it to be filled with the debris of past conflict and catastrophe. They show the present to be an arena of self-destruction, comprised of aggression, political hypocrisy and a dangerous complacency, as freedoms we take for granted are eroded. They imply a future in which human beings are more alienated, and in which the dominant images are of conflict, decay and potential disintegration. And yet their very willingness to face these issues, and their attempts to describe the indescribable, enable us to look with some optimism towards a future, in which the attacks upon the fabric of our human society are not allowed to pass without protest. This exhibition is, then, an affirmation of the human spirit, and of the artist’s ability to grapple with disturbing but critical themes.

Each artist will be showing new work which relates to the theme; Denis Masi’s two installations “Arena” and “Shed” will be seen in a major exhibition for the first time, whilst Michael Sandle and Deanna Petherbridge will be exhibiting recent large-scale drawings. Michael Sandle’s sculpture “Caput Mortuum” will also be shown alongside other smaller scale sculptures.

? The exhibition will be put in perspective by a documentary section, which traces the stylistic and historical roots of each of the artists’ work. A leaflet will accompany this section and is available in the galleries, price 10p. In addition, a fully illustrated 48pp catalogue will be available, which contains essays by Lewis Biggs, James Curl, Sarah Kent, Peter Fuller and John Roberts.

The catalogue may be ordered from Arnolfini bookshop for £2.95 during the exhibition (+ 50p p&c;).

? Tuesday 16 October, 6pm, the artists will join in a discussion of their work, and of the exhibition’s

themes. Tickets are available from the box office, price £1 (50p concessions).