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THU 20 OCT 7.30PM £6.00/£5.00 CONCS

A rare chance to get to know the inner workings of this collective of UK and German artists. The lecture will lift the lid on their participatory performances where the boundaries between audience and performers often disappear completely. On stage or on camera, members of the public can find themselves in the role of heroes, villains, lovers or liberators. This lecture explores the company’s methods and motivations behind their work.

Seven film sequences are re-staged by seven performers across the city of Berlin. Shown on two screens, the devices of narrative film are doubled up and reflected back on themselves in a cinematic game of spot the difference. The mountains of the Wild West become escalators in the central station, a battlefield from a historic war becomes a city fairground and the interior of the Starship Enterprise is played by a cheap “Everything’s a Pound” shop. The intertwined sequences and their doppel gangers weave simultaneously towards their inevitably tragic ends.
20m English and German (with a tiny bit of Spanish)