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Arnolfini - est 1961

GUNILLA TREEN graduated from the Central School in 1971 and was amongst the few innovatory jewellers who set a trend which followed through for the next decade.
Arnolfini has published a monograph on Gunilla to coincide with this exhibition.
GUNILLA TREEN – A Ten Year View continues through December for all those who’ve missed it or would like another look.
Although materials and shapes used by Gunilla have changed during the last ten years, a personal style is evident. Colour is an important factor in all the work. The early pieces have titanium and perspex providing colour and texture which developed into acrylic, geometric pieces with stronger, plainer colours. New work is mainly ivory, more detailed and delicate, with fine lines of colour. Thickness, created by the layering of materials, and moving pieces trapped between the layers are also a recurring and well considered aspect of the work.