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Arnolfini - est 1961

Funny Games (18) & Hidden (18)
Sun 31 Jan 2.30pm
Two young psychopathic outsiders invade a family’s remote lakeside home and announce that none of the family will be alive in nine hours time, setting off a deadly game of cat and mouse, in this Haneke’s original thriller. Dir. Michael Haneke, Austria, 1997, 1h 48m, Subtitled
An intense, suspense-filled thriller, starring Daniel Auteuil as a TV talk-show host who receives mysterious videotapes containing footage of his house, and becomes convinced that a pivotal
figure from his past is responsible. Throughout, Haneke’s visual choices effectively imbue the film with a distinct feeling of dread. Dir. Michael Haneke, Austria, 2005, 1h 57m, Subtitled