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Arnolfini - est 1961

An intense, one-on-one performance experience that explores how Western pop culture became a weapon of war.

‘The fantastic Bristol-based company Action Hero’ – The Guardian


Extraordinary Rendition is an experience for one person at a time and takes place in a temporary cabin, built from the same materials as the temporary prisons used by the American military.

The performance blends text drawn from pop songs that were used in the torture of US prisoners with war films and air traffic communications to create a powerful sensory experience.

Using video, sound and live performance, Extraordinary Rendition mirrors the supposedly non-violent means adopted by the military and explores how the world of torture and warfare pervades the apparently banal arena of popular culture, and – by extension – our safe, protected, Western existence.

Commissioned and produced by In Between Time, co-commissioned by Arnolfini and LICA, and supported by Chichester Showroom.

This is an intense one-on-one performance and cannot be booked online. Please phone Arnolfini Box Office on 0117 9172 300 to book your slot. 

Please note after booking your email address will be used to communicate with you about the event.

Part of IBT15 Bristol International Festival. IBT15 is produced by In Between Time in collaboration with Arnolfini.

Keep in touch with In Between Time: | @In_Between_Time | #ibt15