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Fri 3 Dec 9.00pm – Late, The Island, Bridewell Street £6.00 Adv

Featuring Music and Performances From Awesome Tapes from Africa (Dj Set), Antivj + Damien Schneider, Mahjongg and more

From supercold to superheat: colours, rhythms and genre mutations fly at the dancefloor from all angles at the Inbetween Time party. Performance art, light sculpture and other surprises surround a killer musical line up: Awesome Tapes from Africa ups the heat with psyched-out afro-disco. Joanie Lemercier [AntiVJ] + Damien Schneider [Apologue] present a live performance in glacial light and sound, inspired by the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull. Mahjongg bring a totally unique, four-dimensional sound party from Chicago, an unholy broth of Factory Records, Congotronics, NYC no-wave and early house.

Curated and produced by Arnolfini & Qujunktions for Inbetween Time Productions.