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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thu 19 Nov
Music Works I: Portraits And Documents 7.00pm
£6.00/4.50 Concs
With intro and Q&A; from Jem Cohen.
Music Works II: Instrument 9.00pm
£6.00/4.50 Concs
£8.00/£6.00 for both
New York-based filmmaker Jem Cohen is truly a unique voice. Straddling documentary, artists’ film and the essay or diary film, yet resisting such neat categorisation, his work is at once lyrical and poetic, compassionate yet incisive and, in the case of his street- and city-films, quietly angry at the casual abuses of liberty and power which have come to define the last decade, particularly in post-Giuliani New York. At 7.00pm Cohen will introduce his portraits of musicians and bands including REM, Elliott Smith, The EX, Patti Smith and more. Then at 9.00pm watch the feature length documentary Instrument (1999), made with and about cult band Fugazi. What emerges is a free-wheeling, energetic and altogether more thoughtful account of the alternative music scene.