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Arnolfini - est 1961

JK/JK is an encounter between two artists whose practices are connected by a mutual interest in reality and its depiction. Joachim Koester has received international acclaim but his work is unknown in Britain. JK/JK features new work by Koester such as Row Housing, a photographic series of a forsaken community in Arctic Canada, and earlier works including the seductive photographs Day for Night, Christiania, which dramatise the infamous squatters’ community in Copenhagen. Inspired by stories of crime and espionage, Janice Kerbel renders various schemes (a bank robbery, a system for cheating at cards) into plans and instructions, which might be enacted by anyone. A recent work, Bird Island involves the sale of bogus time-share properties on a paradise island via a website. Her new project, The Birds of Bird Island, which depicts the fictitious island’s indigenous bird (and its song) is commissioned by Arnolfini and at-Bristol.