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To accompany her current exhibition WOR(L)D(K) IN PROGRESS?, Arnolfini will be presenting three film programmes by the artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx over the coming months.

Tuerlinckx’s film works are an extension of her sculptural practice. Concerned with ways of documenting information about an object or place, she focuses on neglected details and overlooked moments as a way to tell a story. Some films are developed alongside exhibitions, providing site specific readings of international gallery spaces. Her works encourage the viewer to take a closer look at the coded lines of connections in their surroundings.

The films in the programme are: ABSTRACT Film(s), STUDY Film(s): AMERICAN, CHICAGO, KOREAN STUDY Film(s), STRETCHED Film(s), WAITING Film(s), REALITY BLOCK Film(s).

Joëlle Tuernlinckx film programme I, Thursday 12 Dec, 6.30pm
Joëlle Tuernlinckx film programme II, Thursday 16 Jan, 6.30pm
Joëlle Tuernlinckx film programme III, Thursday, 13 Feb, 6.30pm

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Belgian artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx, born 1958 in Brussels, has developed a unique artistic language over the past 20 years. Fascinated by the poetics of the everyday and the beauty of found objects, she transforms these different elements into elaborate displays, together with photographs, sculptures and architectural installations.

WOR(L)D(K) IN PROGRESS? at Arnolfini is the first major solo exhibition of this hugely influential artist in the UK. The show is a retrospective covering over 20 years of Tuerlinckx’s work. It is also an original presentation of a large-scale, continually evolving project in which older work is reworked into new.