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Arnolfini - est 1961

The preview of recent sculpture by Justin Knowles and original prints by Bud Burgess will be on THURSDAY 7 January from 20 00 until 22 00hrs.
Two works by Justin Knowles were exhibited on the city centre/Bristol as part of the new British sculpture/Bristol exhibition in the summer of 1968 (and subsequently shown at Dartington Hall, Devon.) One of these works, Steel with White was anonymously purchased and presented to the Friends of the Bristol Art Gallery. This work is at the moment on loan to Bristol University and can be seen in the entrance hall of the University’s Van Dyck Gallery in Park Row.
Justin Knowles’ paintings and sculpture have been extensively exhibited in this country (including a large exhibition at Plymouth City Art Gallery in 1967), in New York and in Milan. His most recent one man exhibition was in September 1970 at the Arts Council’s Serpentine Gallery, London. He has carried out a large sculpture commission for a new comprehensive school at llfracombe (colour transparencies of this will be shown in the exhibition) for the Devon Education Authority and is at present engaged on a commission for a large work at Stirling University.